Herbal Topical




Herbal Topical Solution is a combination of Tea Tree Oil (to relieve irritated tissue), Lavender Oil (to stimulate the immune system) and Colloidal Silver (to diminish topical bacterial and fungal populations).

Herbal Topical Solution has helped many an itchy, scratchy pet, as well as helped cure numerous stubborn ear infections. It is safe to use anywhere externally on your pet to reduce self trauma caused by scratching, from applying it to any area of irritation to soaking your pets feet in it if they are irritated. It can also be used to treat ear irritations and infections. It is normally safe if licked off of the skin and ingested by your pet, although a few owners over the years have reported their pets having a short bout of mild nausea after licking it off of their skin - but these instances are extremely rare.

The main thing to remember when using Herbal Topical Solution is that it must be SUCCUSSED before each application. Succussion is the process of impacting the bottom of the bottle against the palm of your hand or your leg 20 to 30 times before each use. This process breaks the oil into smaller droplets , creating a temporary emulsion or solution in which the oils are more evening distributed. Succussion must be repeated each time the solution is used, as the oils will separate back out with 20 - 30 minutes.

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4 oz