Yes! You are welcome in with your pet. We have made changes to help ensure the safety of our clients and staff. You can read more about the safety measures we have taken below.

Changes with COVID

Dealing with COVID has changed how most businesses operate. Our veterinary practice, The Healing Place Your Holistic Veterinarian, has made many changes to optimize your safety and that of your pet’s while you visit with us. We have installed Reme Halo units into our airhandlers. These were developed for “Sick Building Syndrome” and are shown to kill infectious organisms within 3 feet of an active cough or sneeze, as well as sanitize all surfaces with a safe, naturally occurring antiviral/antimicrobial component. We temperature monitor our employees each morning and all staff wear a mask if spending any time within 6ft of our clients, as recommended by the CDC and OSHA.. Our clients are welcome to wear masks but we do not require them. You are welcome to come into our clinic with your pet, but will be asked to fill out a COVID screening sheet each visit. We ask you to cancel your appointment if you or your family members or anyone you have spent time with are ill in any way, above and beyond any normal “allergy/respiratory” chronic issues. Please wear a mask if you do have any condition that promotes coughing or sneezing. Your pet will be wiped down with a safe antiviral/antimicrobial product upon entry and prior to leaving. If you wish, we will provide curbside service for your pets, if any factors inhibit you from coming in.