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Super HBA Plus
(Alpha Beta Hydroxybuteric Acid) HBA is a nutritional support product that helps to maintain normal liver function, increases muscle mass and performance, and maintains proper hormonal balance and mental functions. It contains degraded muscle tissue in the form of amino acids that the body needs to properly excrete the fat soluble waste products from the liver cells ("defatting" the liver), and has been utilized in the cattle business for over 50 years to creat leaner cattle without using steroids. It's what is in "aged meats" and why aged steaks are so healthy (and expensive). This allows the liver cells to function at its many jobs. Dogs and cats, like humans, tend to retain fat in their livers, especially with age. These fats retain and bind up with toxins. The liver is one of your pet's primary organs involved in the transformation of food from the intestinal tract into living tissue, as well as acting as the storage area for vitamins and other essential nutrients. The liver is also the detoxification center for the animal's blood, much like the oil filter in your car, so we want to keep the livers as healthy as possible.

The thyroid and adrenal are two of your pet's most important hormone-secreting glands. many of the active ingredients in HBA were designed to offset symptoms associated with aging such as fatigue, depression and weight gain that result from nutritional imbalances in these glands.

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