low-level laser therapy for pets

Can low-level laser therapy improve my pet’s quality of life?

low-level laser
Khaleesi(background) and her sister Spankie arriving at The Healing Place for Khaleesi’s low-level laser treatment. Khaleesi is an 8-year-old Irish Wolfhound. As is typical of the giant dog breeds, she has begun to suffer from hip and back problems. The good news is – she is responding very well to the laser treatments and is now regaining her mobility and feeling much better about life!

Can low-level laser therapy be used to treat pets?

Yes, low-level laser therapy can be used to treat our pets for a wide variety of musculoskeletal, pain and inflammation related health issues.

Low-level Laser therapy stimulates enhanced function at the DNA level of cells to stimulate the body's ability to heal in the following ways:

  • Increases healthy tissue regeneration:  Accelerates cellular reproduction and growth.
  • Aids faster-wound healing: Stimulates wound healing (fibroblast development) in damaged tissue. This in turn promotes faster healing.
  • Increases metabolic activity: Helps the body increase the output of specific enzymes, increases oxygen in the blood and enhances the immune response.
  • Reduces fibrous tissue formation: Reduces the formation of scar tissue following tissue damage. Damage may have been from trauma, cuts, bites, burns or following surgery.
  • Stimulates anti-inflammatory action: Reduces swelling, inflammation of joints and soft tissue, decreases pain. These may have been caused by acute trauma or chronic repetitive stress.
  • Increases vascular activity: Stimulates lymph and blood circulation for optimal tissue regeneration and healing.

Is low-level laser Therapy painful?

No, most animals do not feel anything during laser therapy. Some pets acknowledge the light emitted by the laser but tend to ignore it after a short period of time. Since the owner is allowed to accompany their pet during laser treatments, most pets achieve a relaxed state in a very short period of time.

Are there any side effects of low-level lasers?

There are no known or published adverse effects of low-level laser therapy. Some animals (for example, older canines) may display increased energy and mobility followed by a deep relaxed sleep. Low-level laser therapy does not have a thermal effect and is used to facilitate tissue healing rather than tissue destruction.

Choosing the right types of  low-level laser.

True low-level lasers are also known as “cold lasers”. By virtue of their design, they are non-heat producing and do not alter cell structure. The laser irradiation is also non-ionizing which means that it does not collect in the tissue.

There are many brands and types of lasers currently being used for therapy in veterinary medicine. Many are not true low-level lasers (cold). If the laser produces heat or cannot be focused on any area of the pet's body for more than a few seconds without causing harm or discomfort, then it is not a true low-level laser.

One of the greatest questions in medicine has always been "if the body knows how to heal itself, why doesn't it?"

The cycle of the healing cascade is fairly well known in the body. Choosing the right laser to promote this response is important.

After much research, Dr. Trish chose the Erchonia PL5000 frequency specific low-level laser for her practice. The PL5000 has an excellent reputation for using the body’s natural wavelength to stimulate and restore the body’s ability to heal. There are no known negative side effects.

Dr. Trish has been using this laser in her practice for almost 10 years. She has successfully treated hundreds of cats, dogs, and horses with it.

Call or come in to discuss how the Erchonia PL5000 low-level laser therapy could help your pet with chronic or acute problems. Dr. Trish can customize the low-level laser to provide healing directly to the areas specific to your pet’s injury or neuromuscular problems.

At The Healing Place, we provide the finest in holistic veterinary care and can’t wait to have you join our family. Now also offering OZONE therapy!