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Search for a safer way to clean your world...for yourself, your children and pets...and for the EARTH!!!


7,000,000 household poisonings occur annually, mostly of children


Toxic chemicals found in homes are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than airborne pollutants


Chemical levels are 70 times higher inside the home than outside


100's of chemicals found in homes have been connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders


Fumes and residues left behind from household products can cause a slow poisoning to your immune system


        Having searched for years for reasonable ways to improve the quality of the life of my family by eating better, exercising better, and using less conventional medications I have also been on the lookout for "cleaner" cleaners. I am not only conscious of the absorption of things through out skin we come in contact with, but also of the absorption of so many "invisible" things we don't even see in our most important environment...our home. I've also always been careful with our planet when I can find a way.


Well, I am happy to say I HAVE FOUND A WAY!!! This innovative company, WOWGREEN, has begun producing all-natural products safe for the environment and you AND they work! I have not been happier with a laundry cleaner leaving a great ABSENCE of the usual perfumes to just leave clean (and I only use a fraction of the directed amount!) And they have most everything you could need: dish washer cleaner, hand and dish cleaner, laundry cleaner and the "stain pen" to carry around and use on demand, spray cleaners for all surfaces... The list just goes on.

If you find yourself looking for a cleaner clean... please check out WOWGREEN.net/15596 or stop by or call our office to get any questions answered and try some.


Dr.Trish Kallenbach DVM CVCP

to thine own self be true


WOWGREEN: Freeing the world of TOXIC chemicals, one household at a time.

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