What to expect….

Regardless of the health concerns of your pet, let our veterinarian work with you to get a complete plan for care that utilizes traditional, nutritional, and holistic care. We will provide you with diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations to fully inform you of your pet’s therapeutic options, that may include such treatments as, proper nutrition, “adjusting”, low level laser, massage, homeopathics, herbal supplements, acupuncture, vaccines and more. 

Holistic Care –   

Holistic care is grounded in the theory of treating the “whole” body, not just a single condition and can include adjustments, massage, acupuncture, laser, homeopathy, herbal or nutritional support, as well as others. Dr. Kallenbach’s philosophy of integrated care is the best option, combining the holistic treatments with the conventional treatments to achieve maximum health for your pet with the minimal negative or side-effects of any treatments. She will work with your conventional veterinarian and you to accomplish the best health for your pets.

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